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getitprinted.com.au previously known as CPS Printing Services re launched itself after almost 40 years of quality products and service.
Starting in the late 1970’s in the Campbelltown area, Campbelltown Printing Services (CPS) has served thousands of businesses. We have made our success on two very basic principles that our customers love, friendly service and a quality product.
With the increase in demand and rapid growth of the industry our services have expanded all over New South Wales. Our services can now support all states in Australia with Rapid delivery times.
CEO Rusdi Kwee states “Quality products at affordable prices is just part of why my customers keep coming back, our friendly service and our passion for what we do keeps our customer for life“.

  • History on where we started

    Campbelltown is suburb located approximately 51 kilometres South West of Sydney, New South Wales. Originally home to the indigenous community the Tharawal people before the European settlement in 1788

    Founded and named on one very warm summer afternoon on the 1st December 1820, Governor Lachlan Macquarie marked out the site amongst the watch of some fifty to sixty farmers. The name Campbell-Town was in honour to the Governors wife’s maiden name and soon became well known for it’s farming land.
    The Governors days were numbered partly due to his policy which appointed ex-convicts to high positions of trust and his generosity with land grants cost him dearly with his enemies in London. The name Campbelltown became well known and soon witnessed the growth of other local towns such as Camden and Picton. Both of which played a significant effect in the agricultural industry. Campbelltown became well known for several local famous icons such a Frederick Fisher, John Warby, Elizabeth & John Macarthur, James Meehan, Thomas Reddall, Kevin Wheatley and many more. All of which had a influence on the local area. Today Campbelltown is home to some 156,000 people and is set rocket to over 210,000 people in the coming years.

    Our closet neighbour Camden is set grow even larger with its rapidly growing developments in both residential housing and commercial / industrial sectors.

    getitprinted.com.au would like to acknowledge Campbelltown City Council, Camden Council and the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the information supplied.

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Our Core Values

    • On Time Delivery

      You can be assured of on time delivery when getting service from Get It Printed. Our dedicated and experience team value you time and ensure delivery of your product within committed time.

    • Quality Assurance

      At Get It Printed, we offer high quality printing service for all our clients. We do not compromise with print quality, that whats sets us apart.

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